About JIM Property Services

A reputation built on solid ground

JIM Property Services was created by a high-end real estate investment firm to maintain and improve their own holdings.

Soon, more property owners recognized JIM’s quality. They too wanted a firm that goes the extra mile to protect and improve their assets, a firm that understands the economics of maintaining and upgrading investment properties.

Today, JIM services residential and commercial properties across the Southeast.


JIM employees bring years of experience in their field. New hires receive extensive training within the company to expand their skills and ensure that they measure up to JIM’s high standard of courtesy and professionalism.

All JIM employees are trained to respond rapidly to customer needs. They are trusted to work punctually, neatly, and safely. Above all, JIM employees show respect and appreciation for our clients.


chief executive officer

bio coming soon

VP of construction management

Nate Weinhouse is responsible for all aspects of construction operations. Nate oversees all regional project managers on a day to day basis. He is directly involved with all aspects of the projects. Nate joined the team with an extensive background in construction and property management in the multi family sector. His attention to detail and hard work ethic ensure that he delivers impressive results.

Regional Project Manager

Mark Tummins oversees the projects located in the southeast region.

Regional Project Manager

Jay Gottesman oversees the projects located in the midwest region.

Regional Project Manager

Andrew Barrett oversees the projects located in the southeast region.

Purchasing Director

Holly Carver-Lemus is responsible to source all materials needed for the project. With her knowledge and diligence holly ensures that each product is priced competitively and is top quality.

Accounts Receivable

Chloe Morsel is responsible for accounts receivable. Chloe also handles a variety of office relates tasks to assist the various departments. Along with other office management activities.

Account Payable

Chava Weisel is responsible for accounts payable. Chava also works close with city municipalities to ensure all permits are processed seamlessly.

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