About JIM Property Services

A reputation built on solid ground

JIM Property Services was created by a high-end real estate investment firm to maintain and improve their own holdings.

Soon, more property owners recognized JIM’s quality. They too wanted a firm that goes the extra mile to protect and improve their assets, a firm that understands the economics of maintaining and upgrading investment properties.

Today, JIM services residential and commercial properties across the Southeast.


JIM employees bring years of experience in their field. New hires receive extensive training within the company to expand their skills and ensure that they measure up to JIM’s high standard of courtesy and professionalism.

All JIM employees are trained to respond rapidly to customer needs. They are trusted to work punctually, neatly, and safely. Above all, JIM employees show respect and appreciation for our clients.


As the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Ahuva is involved in all aspects of the company. She leads the team with dedication and professionalism.

Ahuva has been in the multifamily construction industry for well over a decade. Her knowledge of the multifamily sector allows her to guide the clients in bringing optimal value to their properties.

Her job responsibilities are all-encompassing. They include making financial decisions, managing large projects, supervising the team, and ensuring that the clients are 100% satisfied.

With a background in design, Ahuva helps to ensure that each project has the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. Each project looks amazing and communication between design and construction works seamlessly.

As the Vice President of Construction Management. Nate is responsible for every minute detail of our complex construction operations. Nate oversees and guides the regional project managers daily.

With an extensive background in construction and property management, Nate’s attention to detail and work ethic are impressive. His superb communication skills and customer relations ensure that our clients are fully satisfied, both with our service and the finished product.

Mark manages all projects in the Southeast-Florida region. He travels between the various job sites troubleshooting, solving issues, and ensuring that the jobs are completed smoothly.

Mark has an excellent rapport with clients and superb communication skills. Uber reliable and devoted to his projects, his dedication to his various responsibilities and job sites is impressive.

Daniel manages all projects in the Southeast-Central region. He travels between the various job sites troubleshooting, solving issues, and ensuring that the jobs are completed smoothly.

With his even-tempered, sunny personality, he projects a sense of calm confidence and enthusiasm. Daniel is a pleasure to deal with. He won’t leave a job site or a client until he has achieved 100% satisfaction.

Chava is responsible for overseeing the purchasing department. She and her team source and procure all necessary components needed for our various projects. She is known for obtaining the highest quality materials at the best possible rate. With her knowledge, diligence and can-do attitude, Chava ensures that there are no delays in our projects due to lack of supplies or equipment.

Chloe runs our Accounts Receivable department and is responsible for billing, collections and contracts. With her efficiency, professionalism, and ever-present smile, she enables JIM Property Services to flourish and continue delivering the five-star service we are known for.

Shaindel oversees permitting and works closely with city municipalities to ensure that our projects receive the necessary permits and inspections. Shaindel is also responsible for all the Accounts Payables and ensures that our invoices are paid on time. Her years of experience and meticulous attention to detail are impressive. Over the years, she has proven herself as a strong and valued asset to the JIM team.
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