At our best, at your service


That’s because we care to get you the results you want.

Our expert project managers will competently oversee our thoroughly screened and fully trained crew. We handle all construction projects from roof repairs and paint to new design and development.

Exterior Painting

Beautify: A fresh, modern color gives your building an attractive new look.

Protect: Quality paint adds a layer of protection against weather damage, insects, dust and rot.

Raise Value: Add significant dollar value to your investment.

Roof & Gutter Systems

Replace and Repair: Did your roof deteriorate from sun, snow, hail or high water? Don’t let a damaged roof destroy your interior. Let us repair those rainspouts and gutters to prevent problematic leaks or slippery surfaces.

At JIM, we fix big problems before they become bigger problems.

Interior Renovation

You want the upgrade, not the hassle.

On Time: JIM experts coordinate your project so that the right materials get ordered, delivered and correctly installed on schedule, ready for your residents.

On the Dollar: We calculate your costs and stay well within your budget so you can maximize your return on investment.


Design and Create: JIM designers have a way of combining exquisite beauty with convenient functionality – and that is sure to attract residents! Your project is unique and deserves the attention to detail that we provide.

Our design team works seamlessly with our construction team to produce the awesome results you want.


No worry, no hassle

Protect your Investment: From groundbreaking to move-in, JIM’s team works skillfully toward your goal and handles any issues that arise. We oversee all aspects of construction, including architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical.

Facade Renovation

Attract Residents: A fresh, modern facelift increases the curbside appeal of your building, making your property more attractive to residents.

Reduce Energy Costs: The right exterior materials reduce heat loss and lower energy bills. Some municipalities also offer incentives for green renovation solutions.

JIM experts know just how to remodel your exterior to maximize your return on investment.

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