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Your property will get extra attention and care with experts from JIM Property Services. Our thoroughly screened and fully trained staff are professional, skilled, and competent. They handle all project management needs from a small leak to painting and roofing. We work with drywallers, electricians, plumbers, and other specialists.

With the right people who know what they’re doing, you’ll get the results you want.

Exterior Painting

A fresh coat of paint improves the value of your property while making it more attractive. You can modernize with a new and stylish color as an investment or to increase rents or the sale value.

With quality exterior paint, you add a layer of protection against the elements. Paint can prevent exterior wood from rotting and protect your building from weather damage, insects, and dust.

Professional exterior painting by JIM makes your property more valuable, aesthetically pleasing, and safeguards it from the weather.

Roof & Gutter Systems

Years of sun, rain, wind, and snow take a toll on your roof. You don’t want to deal with a leaky roof and all the damage it might cause to the interior of your property. Take preventive measures to eliminate any issues before they become even more expensive.

Have your gutters repaired to protect your property from water damage. Broken gutters and downspouts can cause extra water runoff and create a safety hazard with erosion and slippery surfaces that are dangerous to walk on.

If you do need to replace your roof or gutter system, JIM provides the experts to get the work done quickly and efficiently.

Interior Renovation

Renovating the interior of your property can be difficult with lots of moving pieces. You’ll need someone to coordinate all the activities and get products delivered and installed on time. Whether it’s a small building or a large, commercial complex — you want to have your property upgraded within your budget.

JIM can remove the hassle from you so that your property is improved and ready for residents as scheduled.


Great design needs to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. Combining those can be a difficult task. JIM works to make everything functional plus, it’s sure to attract residents. When you aren’t sure where to begin, JIM is there to guide you to make the right design decisions. Your project is unique and deserves the attention to detail that we provide.

The design team coordinates with the construction team so that your project is executed seamlessly on time and within budget to get you the results you want.


No need for you to worry when you want to develop your site. From groundbreaking to move-in, JIM’s team of experts will handle all issues and resolve any problems that arise. Working across all construction disciplines, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and structural, JIM develops your site with your overall goal in mind.

With JIM Property Services handling all your development needs, your investment will be protected.

Facade Renovation

Giving your building a facelift helps increase its worth. A facade renovation for your property means less maintenance and cutting your upkeep costs. Using the correct materials reduce heat loss which will make your asset more energy-efficient and lower heating bills to attract residents. Some municipalities are offering incentives for green renovation solutions. A facade renovation is a great way to get curbside appeal and encourage more renters.

Renovating the facade will modernize your building and make it more desirable to live in. Having an aesthetically pleasing property is sure to increase the value of your asset. The experts at JIM Property Services will give your property the facelift you desire for a better return on your investment.

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