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RED Construction Management takes on projects of any size – from exterior painting to replacing the entire roof on your home or apartment building. RED oversees expert crews specializing in construction, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and masonry, with project managers that make sure multi-discipline projects get handled properly.

Additionally RED offers their clients the ability to manage and oversee other contractors and sub contractors purely in a construction management role.

RED also offers their clients expert construction management services, professionally managing and overseeing other contractors and sub-contractors. And they offer the most competitive rates in the industry for all their quality services, from new construction to project management.

As part of its Exterior Value Add Program, RED works closely with property owners, asset managers and third party management companies during the ownership hold period to maximize their return on investment. RED understands that open communication and smooth execution are key to ensuring that capital projects come in on time, and on budget.


RED always selects the right options and materials for maximum value and durability, and understands that renovation in and around occupied properties needs to be handled carefully — and needs to keep to a strict schedule.

"I have to say... we expected roofing the whole property would take a lot longer. But your guys did the job in a little more than half the time. And after they left, there wasn't a clue they were there, not a bit of trash. The roofs were perfect. The property looks Awesome!"