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JIM Property Services was created by a high-end real estate investment firm to maintain and improve their own holdings. They wanted a firm that would go the extra mile to protect their residential properties, but that understood the real economics of maintaining and improving investment properties.

Shortly after, other property owners caught on to the quality of service that JIM was providing, and wanted that level of care for their own properties. They recognize in JIM a service provider that cares for properties like they own them, but that is cost conscious with today’s tighter margins. Today, JIM services dozens of residential and commercial properties in Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, Texas, North Carolina and Indiana, and is rapidly expanding.


Each JIM employee acts as an ambassador of JIM Property Services. They do this by responding rapidly to customer needs; being dependable, honest and trustworthy; and making sure their work habits are neat and safe. Above all, they always show the clients proper respect, and always thank our clients for their business.

Our employees bring years of comprehensive experience in their field. New hires receive extensive training within the company — above and beyond their proven skills — to ensure they measure up to JIM’s high standards of professionalism and courtesy.